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How to Select the Right Marine Stereo System

With over 276000 boats bought in 2018, it is clear that recreational boating is becoming more popular. There is no experience that can be as fulfilling as boating. In pursuit of a better experience, you will find it prudent to consider getting a good marine stereo system. Having the right system will keep you powered during your whole experience. As you read more, you will learn the best features to look for on any marine stereo. Here are some of the key aspects to consider in this regard.

you will be expected to confirm if the stereo is water resistant. A standard stereo is highly susceptible to being ruined even at a single splash. Ensure that the chosen stereo is labeled ‘marine’. Be reminded that there are various types of water resistance. One can easily submerge a waterproof system in water without getting damage yet a water resistant one will only handle a given amount of water splashes. Your choice of the type of resistance will be predicated on the place where you want the system installed. A cabin will require a water resistant while the deck will need a waterproof stereo. Make sure that you are conversant with how much they can resist UV rays. This is especially if you choose deck installation. Considering that UV rays are magnified upon hitting the waters, they will easily cause damage to your equipment. Ensure that the faceplate and the speaker cones have this quality.

Corrosion resistance will also be essential in this process. You need to understand that the saltwater out here could easily corrode your equipment within minutes. All the internal parts are expected to feature a layer of protective coating which will help in keeping any corrosion at bay. This will ensure that your asset lasts for much longer too. Nothing matters as much as the specs of your item. With better specs, you will enjoy the best sound at the end of the day. Make sure that it comes with high frequency response as well as RMS power. The FM sensitivity of the radio will need to be relatively lower. This is what will make sure that you do not struggle so much while picking your favorite radio station.

Pay attention to the features of the stereo system, Often, stereos will vary in the features that they have. Ensure that you check if the stereo system has Bluetooth, SiriusXM, aux connection or even thumb drive ports. These features will time and again need to appeal to your set of preferences.