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Get to Know the Dimensions of the Credit Card

Perhaps, you have observed such credit card using the magnifying glass when such first came in. This is because of the reason that such looked fantastic and feels great too. You may have then started to swipe and use this purchase various items and you used up the limit of your card. You may have not thought about the credit card size and also the physical features. Probably, you have also wondered regarding the dimensions of the credit card. Perhaps, you have asked yourself why this was shaped in this manner and also thought of the size and other questions that you have in mind.

Talking about the thickness of the credit card, the standard thickness is 0.03 inches or this is 0.76 millimeters. Because mil means a thousandth of an inch, then the thickness of the credit card is 30 mil thick. This is really good and durable for plastic cards and this is also for a fantastic reason as well. After all, the credit cards should be able to last a long time with the abuse it goes through. This is being slid in and out those credit card machines and this should be able to endure it.

What is the standard size of the credit card? The mag strip that is at the back of the card does play a very important part to determine the standard size of the credit card. When the credit card should be inserted into the machine, this must obviously match the machine’s size. Well, many of the money-based credit cards should have the standard CR80 size.

Are you also aware that the plastic card companies also make the cards thinner and also thicker than this as well? You should know that this varies on the card’s type. It is very important for the money-based credit cards to be made with the same thickness for those card machines. Also the other cards may be thicker or thinner depending on its use. When the card has a thickness of 20 to 24 mil, then the card would actually feel much more flexible.

When the card has that thickness of 10 to 15 mil then the credit card would feel thin like paper. When the card has such thickness of .76mm or 30 mil and greater then the card would be used for the parking garages and also in getting inside the buildings.

Without such preset credit card dimensions, you have to know that it would be hard on the credit card machines because particular machines would be the proprietary for particular cards and not others. It is really a good thing that the credit cards have a certain size. But what is really the credit card size? Well, you should know that there are also international standards for such credit card sizes.

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